Survey Results

The results of our survey. Same as home page of this siteScreenShottest009

There is no game table on the market like this electric pool table. We wanted to know what people would think of it if they saw it in a video. So we produced a survey questionnaire.

We asked what did you like about the Electric Pool Table? (Select all that apply.)

Six answers were on the survey page. Compact size, Lower cost than other Billiard tables, Lightweight easy to move, Single player feature, Easy storage, and Novel design.

The first 750 people that have watched the video and marked one or more of the things they liked, here is what we got:

Compact size: 446
Single player feature: 395
Novel design: 307
Lightweight easy to move: 295
Lower cost than other Billiard tables: 279
Easy storage: 226

Some of the survey participants made comments.
We are passing some of them on here:

Very interesting and unique
Entirely new gaming concept altogether
Creative new game
Self play
Silent motor
Interesting new games to play.
The motion
Moving pool balls
Table that moves side to side action
It was interesting--one pocket!!
Really new and different!
The motion feature of the pool balls
New concept, challenging game
I like that it moves
Interesting Motor Concept Motion Pool Balls Play Game